Sadam Hussein's Last minute Bravery


Saddam Hussein's Last Words Before He Was Hanged To Painful Death

Feb 9, 2021 6:50 AM

The late Iraqi leader,Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq 

for more than two decades,precisely for 24 

years . He however after taking over power 

assumed a dictatorial presidency that led to 


being toppled by a United States led invasion. 

Saddam Hussein was executed or hanged to 

death about 14 years ago.

The late Iraq leader Saddam Hussein was 

executed after being found guilty behind the 

1982 killings where one hundred and forty eight 

Shrites died. He was executed for crimes 

against humanity.

Reports had it from close witnesses that the 


Iraq leader seemed courageous even after the 

execution punishment was ruled out against 


Saddam Hussein's Harsh and Mocking Last Words

According to close witnesses, the late fearless 

Saddam Hussein was reported to have 

mockingly uttered one phrase where he 


saying, "Allahu Akbar. The Muslim Ummah will 

be victorious and Palestine is Arab!'". This was 

shortly before the rope was put around his neck.

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