Most Wicked Men in Human History the first will Shock you.

  15, 2020 3:05 AM

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Ok, lets go!

Vlad Dracula

Vlad was prince of Wallachia in the year 1448 


used cruel methods to torture and kill people, 

his favorite way of killing was impalement, Vlad 

was known for that, he would tie the victim to 

horses and force the stake through the 


of a person till it came out of the mouth, so 

horrible! He enjoyed killing people he killed over 

100,000 people which should be 20 percent of 

Wallachia's population. He was later 

decapitated in the year 1476

Joseph Stalin

Stalin was a dictator of Soviet Union in the year 

1922 .

He was a bank robber and assassin, he later got 

into power and he had a reign of terror and 

brutality for 30 years, Stalin killed anyone who 

voted against him or displeased him, he once 

said " one death is tragic but a million deaths is 

simply a statistics". Even his wife killed herself 

because of how she was treated, he killed the 

wives of many of his friends, he died in 1953 

from a stroke

Adolf Hitler

The next on the list is the popular Adolf Hitler 


was a German soldier in world war I, after the 

Germans surrendered he escaped and went 

back to Goermany, he triggered the world war II

He killed many Jews, he hated the Jews, Hitler 

on his own was responsible for the death if 

11milion people. He forced people to labor till 

death, starvation and uses injured people for 

experiment. He later committed suicide in 1945 

by gunshot

Idi Amin

He was a Ugandan dictator, he came into power 

in the year 1971 and ended 1979, he promised 

to bring peace to his country but instead turned 

it to a death zone, Amin executed people on TV, 

he tortured and killed many citizens of his 

country, he fed people to crocodiles, his 


killed people with sledge hammers and he kept 

the pictures for fun, he would cut people's flesh 

and force them to eat it, he ate human flesh, he 

killed up to 300,000 Ugandans, he was later 

forced into exile in Saudi Arabia, he lived for 25 

years before he died in 2003

Kim II Sung

He was a dictator in North Korea in the year 

1948 to 1972, he started the Korean war which 

killed 3 million peopl he forced the people into 

idolising him, he killed anyone who was against 

him, he starved prisoners and worked some to 

death, he made some prisoners kneel in a box 

without moving for months till they died, he 


died if a heart attack and was succeeded by his 

son Kim Jung II

Some other people on the list include Osama 

Bin Laden, Emperor Hirohito, Nero, Elizabeth 

bathory , Talat pasha and so on

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