Things No One Can Say Or Do In Front Of The Queen Of England

You may be curious to know what is in this

article. Meeting with the queen of England is a

lifetime experience you will live not to forget,

there are certain things one must say or do in

order to stay in line with the royal family's


This are list of things no one can say or do in

the front of the queen of England so learn how

to maintain your stand when ever you come in

contact with her.

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1. Take a seat

You must not take a sit before the quern of

England. In a room where people don't stand

upright before the Queen of England such

place is regard as a taboo and people may be

punish for that, its considered as extremely


2. Call her by her Name

You don't regard the queen of Elizabeth with

her name when she is part of her official title.

When meeting the queen for the first time call

her "your Majesty".

3. Lead the Conversion

Never lead a conversion before the Queen of

England, one most only speck when spoken to

and never lead the conversion. The Queen of

England should always have full control over

any conversion they're having.

4. Turning around

This is high prohibited to turn around while the

Queen of England is standing at your front,


turning one side for the queen is regard to be

extremely rude and disrespectful.

5. Shake hand with the Queen

When greeting the Queen, one should only bow

or curtsy. You can only shake hand if the


offer a hand shake to you and You must shake


6. Ask to use the toilet

Saying the word " toilet" to the queen is

regarded to be extremely rude and

disrespectful. They considered the French


for restroom, bathroom or loo to be rude. In

this case you use the word "toilet" form British

language for the queen.

7. Don't touch her

When it come to the royal family, hugging or

putting your hand close to Queen of England is

off limits. Non royals are not allowed to touch

royals. Always respect yourself when close to

the royal family's.

8. Walk too slowly or ahead of the Queen

If you are opportune to meet with Queen of

England never walk slow or ahead of the

Queen. You must always walk at a perfect


9. Slurp tea

The secret here, is that you must always drink

your tea according to the royal family


you lift up the cup, slip and place the cup back

on the saucer per sip. Never try to be in inrush

drinking tea with the royal family's.

10. Continue to eat after she's finished her 


This is not highly unacceptable in royal

house's. When it come to dining they are rule

you must follow and one of the important one

is to stop eating as soon the Queen stop

eating. As soon the Queen stop eating any

person eating after that is regard as

disobedient to the Queen of England.

11. Say pardon

If you mistakenly bumping on the Queen of

England, you should never use the word "

pardon" for it. Instead, simply use "am sorry".

Pardon word is like any other French words so

is not allow by the Queen of England.

12. Taken selfie

This is highly prohibited, selfie is highly off

limits. If you are lucky to sit close to the Queen

of England never try to take a selfie with her,

there is always a professional photography

close by, that work with the royal house.

13. Use a nickname

Another no no. Nickname is not allow to be


when you are close to the Queen of England. It

is always advised you call her 'your Majesty".

The Queen is always believed to be highly

intelligence and can read all your words.

Always be caution the way you talk to people

even if they are not Royal but older than you.

I hope you learn something from this article

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