The tree dwelling tribe of Africa

The Korowai people which are also called the

kolufo are certain set of people who live within

the south western Papua in the country of

indonesia which is very close to the border


papua new guinea, the have a total number of

3000 people

The Korowai Languages also belongs to the

very Awyu - Dumut family(which is the


papua) and also part of the trans new guinea


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Ok, lets go!

It has also be claimed that these set of people

have their majorities living in the tree houses

on their isolated territories, but BBC also

revealed that the korowai people have their

main reasons of constructing these tree

houses and this is for the benefits of overseas

program makers and did not actually live in


the high stilt houses of the korowai houses,

well above the flood water leves, serves as a

form of defensive fortification to disrupt any

rival clans at all from capturing their people

which majorly concern the women and


for slavery or what is called cannibalism.

The height and girth of the ironwood stilt


also serve as a protection house from arson

attack in which huts are set on and the

inhabitants smoked out

Take a look at these wonderful people of these


Will you have thought or believed that there are

places like this in this world where the is

nothing like civilization?

What do you have to say about this?

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