The mysterious red dot on every forehead of an Indian, here is the meaning.

Do You Know The Meaning Of The Red Dot On 


Forehead? (See It Here).

Do You Know The Meaning Of The Red Dot On Indians 

Forehead? (See It Here).

What does the red dot on Indians forehead mean?

The red dot is also called Bindi, derived from the word 

Bindu which means a point. It is a symbol of their 

religious, social cost and marital status.

Bindi between the eyebrows symbolises cuspiciousness 

and good fortune. It represent the third eye of spiritual 


Bundi is made of red power called sindur, traditionally 

made from powdered turmeric and fresh lime juice.

A red Bindi is generally a sign of marriage. While the 


Bindu is often worn before marriage to ward off the evil 

eye. Young girls are free to wear any colour.

According to the Hindu culture, there are various energy in 

the body called Charkras, among them is Ajna, the 6th 

primary Chakra situated between the eye brows, Ajna is 

also known as the third eye.

According to the scriptures, meditating on Ajna enables 

the human souls to see what the physical eyes cannot 

see, it helps you attain higher level of spiritual 


Once you attain wisdom from the 3rd eye, your thought 

and actions get cleansed leading to the making of abetter 

human being and thus help in the making of a virtuous 


The indian woman wear the Ajna as a protective covering 

and as a gesture r of respect.

Here are photos of Indian women with the red spot on 

their forehead.

Opinion: I think the Bindi makes Indians more beautiful.

Can indian women look beautiful without the Bindi? Drop 

your comment bellow.

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