Creative statues that tell the most historic stories

A statue is an objects made from hard 

material such as stone or metal in a human 

form or animal. In other words it is a free-

standing sculpture in which the realistic, 

full-length figures of persons or animals or 

object is carved will a very strong material 

such as stone.

For centuries on end. man has relied on the

use of statues

It is a belief that the first statues made 


in a bid to help people when they were out 

hunting. Over time, the use 

of statues evolved such that by the start of 

civilization, people used them as a 

representation of gods.

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Ok, lets go!

Ancient kings who wished to immortalize

their rules had statues made in their

likeness and in so doing it led to the

beginning of portrait sculpting. An art that

continued till date.

Nowadays statues are mainly used to spice

up the beauty of a city or place.

In this article, we are about to look at the

most creative statues there is and these

statues will surely get you thrilled.

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