Check out :The World's First UnderWater Museum With (photos).

Art lovers, who don't mind getting wet. now

have a new destination to add to their Bucket


The cancum, underwater museum of art called

MUSA (Museo Subacuacutico de Arte). It's an

underwater Sculpture, which is located at the

The Maldives.

The Coralarium, is the newest aquatic

Sculpture by Artist Jason De Caires. According

to Jason de Caires Taylor, that he makes

Sculptures but not ordinary Sculptures.

He said, he produces his artwork on land with

the help of few friends and then place them

underneath the surface when it's done.

Taylor, uses a mix of marine grade cement,

sand and micro - sillica to build those beautiful


The materials, allows coral to grow on the

sculptures. Though the Sculptures are so

unique and beautiful.

Woww I really love these Sculptures, especially

this one the girl with the bag. It's so beautiful.

Lol... These two must be Romeo and Juliet I


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