Do not blame Covid-19 or China for Face Mask wearing, it all started years ago en route to America from Africa

This metal mask was used during slavery for 3 main 


1) To prevent the slaves from eating fruits such as apples, 

pineapples, oranges, cashews, bananas, plantains and 

sugarcanes etc while harvesting them, yet they were made 

to work consistently in all the plantation farms.

2) To stop the slaves from chanting our African spiritual 

songs. Not only that those our spiritual and war songs 

affected the slave masters, it also motivated some slaves 

to rebel and fight back not minding losing their lives.

3) To stop slaves form teaching our African local dialects 

(languages) to their children...whereby destroyed our 

dialects, and forced them to learn foreign languages.

Last but not the lest, to starve slaves as a punishment in 

the slave camps. The mask prevented them from eating or 


Sometimes the slave masters would forced an apple a 

whole into the mouths of slaves before they wore the metal 

mask on them with the padlocks so that they couldn't talk.

This is just one of the thousands of inhumane treatments 

our ancestors went through for centuries in the hands of 

those invaders who gave us Christianity and Islam. The 

religions of mental enslavements and divisions brutally 

forced on Africans.

But today God has returned the same use of this face 

protective - prison as FACE MASK as millions of our then 

slaves masters now wear it to protect themselves from 

dying in their numbers .

Europe , Americans and partly Asia are the most hit with 


disease. Some say the spirits of our dead black brothers 

came back as a corona VIRUS to pay back.

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