This Couple Got Married 32ft Underwater In The Caribbean Sea (See Photos)

Am still wondering why this under water wedding is not on

the list of top 10 most expensive 

marriage ceremonies of all time. For crying out loud its 32ft beneath the Caribbean 

Still thinking tho. But incase you some how know, what then makes a wedding kick?. Emmm getting married to the most beautiful Woman of all time? or say the most handsome man ever?. Well that is far from this couple as they decided to take wedding ceremony to a whole new wonder.

Yes the title was right, the couple completely

decided to prove every one right or wrong like

the 5 debunked misconceptions of gay 


Yes it's that sophisticated.

The couple decided to get married 32ft

underwater. And  nope they were not alone, the

ceremony had friends and family, a priest, camera

crew and of ourse some fishes to keep

the party going right beneath the Caribbean aea.

They alongside their well wishers had to dive 32ft

With the aid of an oxygen tank to survive.

The pictures below tells it all.

Well! , I wish them a very happy marriage and pray

They dwell in an ocean of love all the days of their


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