Mind blowing fact about the world dirtiest man(Amou Haji), and why he has refuse to take his bath for 66years.

Is strange actually but also very true that there's a man who holds the world record for been the dirtiest man alive.

Amou Haji is an 86 years old Iranian man who 

had a bath since he was 20, making it 

66years ago.

One strange fact is that he lives the most 

primitive life feeding on rotten dead animals 

and porcupines which he also called his 

favorite meal.

Another strange fact is that Haji smokes 5 

cigarette at a time and he has a valued 

possession of a 3- inch steel pipe with which 

he smokes animal dung with, strange rightšŸ˜¬

Haji didn't just eschew the cleaner things in 


he would become angry when people asked 

him to consume clean food and water.

When asked why Haji explained that he 

experienced "emotional setbacks in his youth," 

but the details pertaining to what those 

struggles were and if he has access to 

psychological help if he wants it appear to be 

lacking. After leaving his family, he settled in 

the outskirts of town, where he slept in a hole 

in the ground or occasionally in a shack that 

locals built for him. Though his lifestyle is 

unusual, he doesn't appear to harm anyone. So 

at least his conscience is probably clean.

Although he hadn't had a bath in a very very 

long time, 66years to be precised, he thinks he 

will become ill ill if he attempts to take a bath.

Another strange truth is he cuts his hair by 

using fire to burn it.

Although he said he is single and looking for 

love. That's bizarre right

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