Meet the self acclaimed snake king

From the beginning, Prehistoric Pets is known for having the largest collection of exotic reptiles in the world. Founder Jay Brewer is known the world over for his love of giant webbed pythons, which come in every color you can imagine. He hopes to inspire the generation to overcome stereotypes and fall in love with snakes.

Jay disclosed to Barcroft TV: After being left 

alone at the young age of 14, I decided to buy 

small pet store that eventually became The 

Reptile Zoo. I spent more time than most 

children would spend outside, seeing the 

different types of animals was really 

fascinating to me. I decided I wanted to do 

something different to live, Jay explained.

The Reptile Zoo has more than 100 types of 

reptiles, creatures of land and water, and 8-

legged creature in plain view and has probably 

the biggest assortment of reticulated python 

morphed on the planet.

Other animals at the site include alligators, 

iguanas, giant tortoises, and lizards. The 


zoo is my childhood dream and it has all kinds 

of crazy and cool animals, said Jay. With more 

than 30 years of experience working with 

reptiles, Jay can't check the occasions he's 

been chomped.

People ask me how many times they have 

bitten me; I honestly ask them how many 


they have farted. They say so many? And I say 

probably more he said. Jay's largest and 

favorite snake is a webbed python that is 20 

feet tall.

Jay also explained the life of its the young 


and the mother. He said: This mother surely 

knew nothing about social estrangement at 


time and was convinced that all I want to do is 

hug her babies for a bad reason.

When in reality she really wanted to give her 

babies a chance and was willing to take the 

risk! Try not to jump, this good mother was a 

fighter who knew what she had to do 

everything to protect her babies right now.

One of the great reasons we do this is so that 

the mother can start eating quickly instead of 

starving and not being able to eat while 


her eggs. 
Her "maternal" instincts are few and far between, she quickly protects herself in a difficult situation. In the wild, once the eggs are laid, it leaves them immediately and leaves them to fend for themselves.

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