Meet The Man Who Has Had His Right Hand Raised For 40 Years, All In The Name Of Religion.

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Ok, lets go!

According to those that serve the Diety called 

Shiva, they believe he's the third god in the 

Hindu triumvirate because the triumvirate 

consists of just three serving gods.

To their believe, each of those three gods have 

their reasons for existing. Brahma is 

responsible for the creation of the world, 

vishnu is to upkeep the world while shiva's role 

is to destroy the universe so as to re-create it.

According to the grouping, Shiva is the 

destroyer: Shiva is also referred to as 


but they believe Shiva doesn't destroy cosmos. 

"He destroys our ego, lust and arrogance and 

thus dissolves us into Him". The claimed.

However, one Sadhu Amar Bharati, an Indian 

holy man, claims he has had his right hand 

raised up in the air since 1973. Almost 40 

years ago.

Presently, the hand has totally deformed as he 

could not make use of it anymore. His hand is 

now a useless piece of skin and thin bone with 

thick, rotten and twisted nails.

Indian Sadhu Amar Bharati claims to have kept 

his hand raised for 40 years in respect to 

Hindu deity Shiva. 

In 1970, Bharati abandoned his job and his 

family, both the wife and his three children in 

order to pursue his devotion to Shiva; after 

three years of serving he felt he's too much to 

the love of luxury life and decided to raise his 

arm and keep it raised in order to discourage 

himself from the love of this life.

As at this moment, his raised arm has been 

deformed compare to his other arm. He 

discussed how painful it was when he firstly 

started but now he has gotten over the pain. "I 

can not make use of my hand again even 

though I wanted to". He said.

Bharati has also encouraged other worshipers 

to also raise their arms in other to show 

respect for Shiva, some of which have also 

tried to follow the footstep of Bharati have 


raised their arms. Others have raised for 7, 13, 

or even 25 years respectively.

What's your view on this action?

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