All about NewsPayForum, the best way to earn from home.

Are you tired of wasting valuable time doing nothing but just chating on different social media?, or are you spending too much on data?, do you you really want to make good use of the times by working and earning from home?

Then NewsPayForum has answered all that questions for you. 

What is NewsPayForum?
As the name implies is a social forum that focus majorly bringing people together via their daily updates oncurrent and legitimate News around the country. Members after registering are oppurtuned to As Well make new friends and chat up their friends right on the forum while still updated with the current trends. 
The best parth of it all and perhaps the main reason why this forum stand out is the ability for the forum to pay its users both monthly and weekly.

Yes! , you got that right as a registered member you get paid for commenting in a post, creating a post, and sharing a post. 

Click here to REGISTER

How do NewsPayForum make their earnings to pay its users?:

This is one question many people ask, as a matter of fact it was my very first question. Reason being that to get paid weekly and monthly the forum must have a sustainable and continues cash flow source. Else it will crash in no time. Well the good news is This, the forum has multiple sources of earning and it's just beginning at its very young stage some of its sources of cash flow are:

Google adsense revenue; due to thousands of traffic a day.

Multiple product adverts; due to its transparency and legitimacy.

Registration from you and I who seek financial freedom.


  Steps to register and start earning.

1. Click on the "register"  link.

2. Fill out the registration form On the forum.

3. While on the forum buy an Epin 1.7k or 3k to complete the registration (Call or Whatsapp 08133206562 for help)

4. with an Epin complete your registration.

5. Feed in your bank account withdrawal details 

6. Congrats! Start Earning...

By Registering to NewsPayForum Income to  PREMIUM PACKAGE - 1,700 or to GOLD PACKAGE - ₦3,000, you stand the chance to earn more greatly to your Bank Account steady every week and every 2 weeks. Guaranteed!
Why you should REGISTER your NewsPayForum Account
Cashout Activity (NARS) Earnings Every 2 Weeks.
Earn ₦1,100 or ₦2,100 Referral Earning. Superb!
Get Paid in less than 24hours every Sunday.
Earn ₦150 Facebook Viral Share Earnings daily.
Guaranteed Payments to you! Withdraws to your Bank.
You get the Blue Tick Verified  Badge (GOLD PACKAGE).
You get paid FASTER with NewsPayForum Income!
Almost ₦20 Million Naira paid out since inception.

***You can also pay your bills, and recharge your phone from accumulated earning on the forum.***

***Raffle draw every month end***

It is real and happening...

Wise up, make you JOIN NewsPayForum Income sharp, sharp now!!!


Am so happy that am among this newspayfurum this platform has helped me to be updated on news which ordinarily I wouldn't have and am looking forward for a big pay as an evidence thanks.
tell everyone that newspayforum is no scam, it is πŸ’―% real✅, no scam, and it pays for sure am i witness. newspayforum has come to stay and it is the best platform i have ever come across. newspayforum rocks!!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’ΈπŸ’΅πŸ’·πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜✅ inbox me @09037216830 or link up to get started....
I never thought that I would recieve my payment till mine payment show for my bank.
I never belief until my referral got his own payment and this sunday I received mine.
Am really happy to be part of this forum, looking forward to cash my money here, am very happy about it.

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