22-year old lady raped 4-year old boy in River State.

Jun 10, 2020 3:12 PM

This particular incident has displayed the fact

that whenever we mention rape, it is far from 

just the women that are being victims. This is 

clear sign that parents ought to be cautious 

about where their children whereabout and 

what they do especially the ones that are still 

tender, and cannot express their selves 


A female who is known as Esther Emmanuel, a

twenty-two year old lady was arrested by the 

Rivers State Police command over an immoral 

act the lady has been involved in with a four 

Year Old boy who is her employer's son, the 


revealed this to a doctor after he was taken to 

the hospital after complaining of pains in his 

private part.

The report further revealed that the lady who

was arrested for molesting a four year old kid

returned back from Europe three months back

to stay with her family but afterwards, it was 

revealed that she has been molesting her 

employer's son who is still a kid by telling him 

to do several immoral act which he does 

without knowing exactly what he's doing.

This is what we all are talking about, we can't

depend on anyone again and almost


now balls down on parents, basically by 

knowing who to allow in the house and also be 

in regular communication with your kids and 

don't just leave them in the hands of a house 


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