10 stunning quotes that shows the stunning love a mother has for her Child.

Hello dear, welcome back. 

To a very cold morning I woke up from bed today, and just like a reflex thought I started missing the presence of a mother.
It was a very heart breaking moment for me because all my life I have never known what it's like to feel the love of a mother.
In a bit to help my self I went in search of those real words I had missed from my mum all this years and I found these quotes.
After reading them, I instantly broke down in tears, felt loved once more, and smiled at last.
I realised that not all might have the chance to feel the tender love of a caring mother. I never did, so I became my own mother in a bit to find inner peace via the long lost love.

If you are a caring mother God bless you, you did not  have to own the whole world to be one. No, all it took was just a smiling face, happy mood and indeed your best.

And indeed if you have a caring mother, wow! You have the world. Hold on to them, never let her go... they are GOLD and stunning angels of love.

Am telling you this because I had always wished I had one.

These  are the quotes that kept me going, for Now, these are my mothers.

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I love you Mum, and I will always do.

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