On this day Prince disgraced Kim Kardashian

Kim looked so nervous shearing the stage with the Legend. She basically was standing there and nothing more 

On Friday night Kim Kardashian chose to address the awkward moment she got kicked off the stage by music legend Prince.

In 2011 at a concert in Madison Square Garden, the reality star joined Prince on stage mid-performance.
As Kim tottered up in a pair of huge stilettos and a skin-tight dress and refused to dance, Prince didn't seem too impressed with the situation and eventually booted her off to cheers from the crowd.
Prince quickly ignored the reality star by dancing and performing to the cheers of his adouring fans. He backed Kim and literally said good bye

After the video made headlines on Friday, Kim took to social media to post a picture of them together on stage.
"I will always remember this moment with one of my favourite artists! I was so star struck I froze! RIP Prince," she wrote.
But her post was soon inundated by comments from people mocking the reality star.
Kim received negative criticism from her fans for trying to steal the show with her ass.

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