Gramfree; A Pyramid Scam or a profitable Crypto Currency?

Are you considering signing up for GramFree? Have you been hearing about it from friends and family? Me too – but I believe GramFree is a scam. In this post, I’ll explain why. 

What Is GramFree?

GramFree is a ‘Get paid To’ website that rewards users with ‘grams’. On a ‘Get Paid To’, or GPT website, users are given currency in exchange for doing simple tasks. Usually, this includes buying things from affiliate retailers, inviting new users into the program and sharing things on social media. The idea behind Get Paid To websites is that they allow you to make money from shopping online. In reality, users make a few cents at most. 

On the website, you are given ‘grams’ as a form of currency. Users are told they can exchange grams for real money, but this barely true. One gram is approximately worth 1.78USD, but you would have to make over $280 on Gramfree to be able to cash out. When recruiting people, website users are prone to showing bank transactions to prove they are being paid through the ‘withdraw’ function. However, if you see someone showing off one of these screenshots, they are likely fake, as GramFree only pays out when you have earned over 500 grams.
The inside of GramFree.
In general, Get Paid To websites operate like pyramid schemes, forcing you to earn currency by doing menial tasks and recruiting your friends and family. Like a pyramid scheme, you are far more likely to lose money than you are to earn it. Get Paid To websites give people rewards for saying positive things about them online – so be careful when reading reviews of Get Paid To websites. As a general rule, Get Paid To Websites are a waste of your time at best, and a scam at worst. 
Hilariously, GramFree is part of the Telegram Open Network (TON), so their service token is (amazingly) a pyramid. 

How Does GramFree Work? and require you to sign up through your Google or your Facebook account, forcing you to give them access to your full name and email address. In return, they offer you the chance to earn grams. Grams are not real money, or even (properly) cryptocurrency, as grams are still in their development phase.
While grams have an exchange value outside of the website, they are not a proper cryptocurrency until they have been fully developed. As of 2020, 1 gram is equal to 1.78USD, but the grams you earn on GramFree are worthless until you “cash-out”. While this may sound appealing, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to make any money from this scam – as it would take you over 60 days to make 500 grams doing the daily tasks. These daily tasks include:
  • Signing SMART contracts (you earn 0.5 GRAM per contract).
  • Recruiting other people (but you are only given your grams once they reach ‘level 2’).
  • Watching videos. 
  • Entering the daily lottery.
Some of the videos you can watch on GramFree.
Some of the videos you can watch on GramFree.
All of these tasks are designed to keep you visiting the website daily, in order to slowly pressure you into purchasing grams on the platform. However, if you want to purchase grams, you will find that you are unable to invest less than $1,000 at a time.
The GramFree scam website advertises that over 3,970,006 contracts have been signed.
The GramFree scam website advertises that over 3,970,006 contracts have been signed.

How Do These Websites Make Money?

GramFree presents themselves as a charitable community with friendly graphics, vague language and nice design. However, as we’ve seen on this blog many times before, nice design does not equal nice company.
While you are making no money on their platform, both and make plenty of money off of you. GramFree earns money through:
  • Selling grams to their users (at a minimum at $1,000 a user).
  • Charging you a withdrawal fee when you withdraw your grams.
  • Visit their website, through ad revenue.
Of course, both websites also have access to your data, so they could always make money from that too.
While there isn’t anything wrong with a company making money, companies that lie to their customers, trick them into purchases and engage in misleading advertising are scams.
The Gramfree scam uses these graphics to hide what their service really is.
Gramfree uses these graphics to hide what their service really is: a scam.

Why Is GramFree A Scam? 

scam is any enterprise or action which makes profit by lying to you, defrauding you or exploiting your labour. This website is a scam because…

You are told lies about what you are signing up for. 

This website (and their users) promise you the chance to make money. That promise is not real. At most, you will make a few dollars for hours of your time, your data and your dignity. Although you will have made that money, you’ll never see any of it – as you’d need to earn 500 grams before you can withdraw any money.
A review of GramFree.
A review of GramFree.

The website tricks you into buying grams.

Both websites offer you three main ways to make money: SMART contracts, the lottery and watching videos. All three of these activities are designed to keep you on the website for as long as possible. The longer you stay on and, the more likely you are to fall into the ‘sunk cost fallacy’, investing in grams.
Again, the false advertising and outright lying about how much money you can make turn this from a regular (scammy) Get Paid To website into a full on scam.

GramFree markets themselves like a Pyramid Scheme. 

The popularity of this website isn’t due to their success as a business but is instead due to their recruitment strategy. You can earn grams for every person you recruit and every post you make advertising the service. This brings more users in, doubling the amount of money and data GramFree has. 
Another negative review of GramFree.
Another negative review of GramFree.

Who Owns GramFree?

Part of the suspicion surrounding comes from the anonymity of the website. No one is listed as the owner, and there is no public management team. This is incredibly unusual for a startup, as part of the appeal of a startup company is their visionary founder. 
To look into who owns this website, I went to their entry. The name of the person who registered this domain has been “redacted for privacy”. However, the entry does tell us a few interesting things. 
  • This website was registered from Panama. 
  • The website was only registered on the 27th of March 2020. 
  • The website was registered through the company NameCheap, which sells domains.
  • The website is hosted on the IP address, which is not the location of the website owner. I believe this, as there are 542 other websites hosted here. This included a self-improvement blog in Arabic and a gravel company from the USA. 
The website is full of vague graphics and deliberately convoluted language.
The website is full of vague graphics and deliberately convoluted language.
There is also no sign of whoever owns this company on LinkedIn – meaning no one wants to own up to creating this website. Although this website uses Telegram Open Network (TON), it is not affiliated with telegram
The best way to stop the GramFree scam is to share the truth about the website with your friends and family. Get Paid To websites sound appealing, but the riches they promise you aren’t real. 

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