A tribe that drinks blood and milk to become the fattest and most respected.

Men from the Bodi tribe in Ethiopia compete to become the fattest during the Ka'el ceremony. They eat a mixture of blood and milk for six months to gain weight as fast as they can. Obesity is seen as a good thing among them and the winner is seen as a hero.

Every year, they celebrate their new year, 'Ka`el’ (Bodi New year Celebration) between June and July, depending on the full moon, the rains. This celebration is a bit different than a usual new year celebration’s as the tradition is to feed young men from every Bodi village.

Xhocolate said this practice is still way better than eating cats, dogs, bats, snakes like what China do. "But they survived all long without spreading contagious disease like corona and ebola by refraining from eating bats and monkey."

Edondo said: "These aren't fat people, they just have protruded tummy. Sense is far from them."

Mkhize said: "To celebrate their new year Ka`el, the Bodi tribe in south Ethiopia kill a cow. They use a huge stone and bang the head, then they open the cow, rip out the intestines for divination, and take the blood to drink it."

Hazel Mahazard said: "The only thing getting fat is the stomach area and they don’t look healthy at all. Some traditions needs to die off."

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