Top 10 fastest humans of all time

History has produced and seen too many records created by men and women of great capacity. Ranging from the world tallest humans, to the world shortest, bravest, deadliest and now we present to you the world fastest humans to have ever lived.

10) Michael Johnson: At one time, Johnson held two world records. However, neither one was the 100-meter record so he can’t be faster than the other sprinters on the list.
9) Donovan Bailey: Long forgotten, Bailey once held the world 100 record which at the time was 9.84. Plus, he beat Johnson head to head in the infamous 150-meter race.
8) Maurice Greene: During his heyday, Greene won four Olympic medals, was a five-time World Champion and held the 100 world record at 9.79. He currently holds the 60-meter world indoor record at 6.39.

There will never be a woman faster than Flo-Jo — NEVER
7) Florence Griffith-Joyner: Before anyone questions how Flo-Jo makes the list, you should question how doesn’t she? Griffith-Joyner’s world record of 10.49 will never be broken — EVER. By the way, she also has the 200 record at 21.34.
6) Carl Lewis: Lewis is one of the greatest Olympic performers of all-time but I don’t care about that. His 9.86 100 and 19.75 200 is all that matter for this list. Lewis was so fast that when Ben Johnson defeated him in 1988 at the Seoul Games, everyone suspected Johnson to be on roids. And you know what? He was.

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5) Tommie Smith: Most people know Tommie Smith from his gloved fist salute on the medal stand in Mexico City. But what many may not know is that he set seven individual world records during his career.
4) Tyson Gay:  Gay’s 9.69 is second only to Bolt and is a new American record and his 19.58 200-meters is third fastest ever. He recently became the first sprinter ever to run under 10 seconds in the 100, 20 seconds in the 200 and 45 seconds in the 400.

3) Justin Gatlin: Before a doping suspension took four years of his career away from him, Gatlin was the fastest man in the world. He won six consecutive NCAA titles — in TWO seasons — as a collegian and tied the world record of 9.77 in 2006. He returned from his suspension in 2010 to win the 2012 World Indoor Championships in the 60-meters (6.46) and a bronze in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games (9.79). Gatlin also became the first American to win a medal in three Olympics after his silver in the Rio Games in 2016.


2) Jesse Owens: Owens won the Berlin Games, the 100 in 10.3 and the 200 in 20.7. Not impressive times until you consider that they were ran in 1936 in dirt. You put Owens on a synthetic track, with blocks, weight training and lighter spikes, he would easily run under a 9.7.
1) Usain Bolt: Bolt’s individual Olympics came to a close on August 18, 2016 as the only person in the history of Athletics to win three consecutive 100 and 200-meter Olympic gold medals. 9.58 100; 19.19 200; 14.35 150 — all world records. Want further proof of his greatness? In 2013 Bolt became the only man to ever become three-time 200 World Champion. No one has ran faster and probably never will. EVER!

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