11 historic pictures that shows how close humans are to the underworld; Warning! Keep the lights on.

Well, I Think it's Late Enough. Enjoy This New Group of Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History.
   They simply show one thing we all are closer to the dark side than we think.
An early gas mask in Germany in 1912. That is not his head, but part of the hood around the mask.
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2 Kids with a giant Easter Bunny in the US in 1953.
Children eat ice cream in New South Whales, Australia in 1933. The sign makes this picture.

A man leans up against a statue of a camel on a road outside Nanking, China in 1874.
A promotional picture from the Soviet state made film "The Godless Ones" in Russia in 1928.
A kid in an oxygen apparatus in the US in 1930. Zoom in on the kid.
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An actress dresses as the devil from an unknown play centering around Faust (the classic story of a German who made a deal with the devil) in France in 1907.

A local woman accused of witchcraft in Mexico City, Mexico in 1935.
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A father and daughter pose for an odd photo shoot in the US in 1991.
Maila Nurmi as her character Vampira (Ed Woods "Plan 9 From Outer Space" anyone?) interacting with kids in LA, US in 1956.
Jerry Sprague after being arrested pretending to be an alien called "The Little Blue Man" in Michigan, US in 1958. He was let off with a warning.

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