10 Best Sex Positions To Improve Your Sex Life

For some people, sex is unspeakably dirty and wrong, while for others, it’s incredibly beautiful and pure. Whatever your take is on it, you can’t deny the importance of sex in a relationship. After all, it is the reason we’re all here today.
But not all sex is created equal. Sex can be super short or hours long, full of excitement or painfully boring; it can have two, three, or really, any number of people involved. It can be good, bad, horrible, or fantastic. The only way to find out is to have it.

Of course, one thing that’ll impact what your sex is like is the position(s) you’re using. Are you a fan of the classics, like missionary and doggy style? Do you like to cycle through half a dozen different ones each time? Is there a less common one that you’re prone to attempt, like the criss-cross, the butterfly, or the surfboard?
There are tons of different sex positions for you and your partner to try, and if you’re used to just one or two, it can be overwhelming to know how to do what’s new to you.
Here, you’ll find a sex position guide to help you have better sex tonight (or at this very moment, if you can’t wait that long).

1. Coital Alignment Technique
A spin on Missionary, the Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.), aka the Frog or the Perfect Position, looks to sacrifice elevation and power for proper alignment.
It starts in regular Missionary, and then flatten your torso as much as possible, while your partner should arch her legs and put her legs on your butt. What you're doing here is targeting the clitoris for more direct rubbing and friction.
The pressure you put on her clitoris could help her get to orgasm quicker. You should also be staying nice and deep within her in the C.A.T. too, to ensure maximum penetration. In other words, this one is more for the lady’s pleasure than the man’s.

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2. Legs On Shoulders
A classic take on Missionary, this one can either be done with the man lying down on top of the lady or with her positioned at the edge of the bed while the man stands (or more accurately leaning in) with her legs on his shoulders as he goes into her.
This position gives the man all of the control of penetration, but it will also allow you to penetrate more deeply, so it’s a win-win. You may need to grasp her legs and pull in gently to prevent your thrusting from pushing her away from you.

3. Doggy-Style
Doggy-Style is a favourite for millions of people for a few reasons. It’s the classic female submissive position and really lets the man be in control, and there’s more than a few variations on it.
In its simplest form, the man kneels on the bed, with the lady on all fours and enters her from behind, holding onto her hips and/or torso. You can decide to go slow or hard.
If you want to add some roughness, and your partner is into that, the doggy style is a solid option that allows you to pull her hair or spank her as well, provided she enjoys that.
If you have a free hand, a clitoral reach-around or playing with her breasts can add extra stimulation, too.

4. Reach For The Sky
The Doggy style is normally done kneeling, but it doesn’t have to be. This is an easy transition from normal Doggy. In this version, you get up on your feet and lean way over her.
You’ll get somewhat of a less intense thrust than the regular Doggy style, but in return, you'll have a different sensation, particularly for her, and a pretty decent workout for your hamstring and ankles from it.
The leaning forward actually lets you get a somewhat deeper feel, and the difficulty quotient will make you feel all the more accomplished for pulling it off.

5. Spooning
Spooning is one of the “cuddliest” of all the positions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it intense. The man lays on your side, with the lady in front of him, facing away. He enters her from behind, and they both control the pace and depth of thrusting.
Spooning is comfortable. It is great for longer sexual sessions with a lot of sensual touching and kissing the back of the neck. The man can also get quite handsy and reach around to play with the lady’s nipples or even reach down to add extra stimulation to her clitoris from the front, and it also works great as an anal option.

6. Crouching Reverse Cowgirl
The Reverse Cowgirl is usually done in something of a vertical T-position, with the man lying flat on his back and the woman bouncing up and down mostly upright.
You can add a variation to this by having her lean forward so that her head is almost over top of your feet. By planting her arms onto the ground/bed or even grabbing your shins, she can get a lot of leverage to move back and forth.
This one leaves her in control, and lets you sit back and relax, essentially.
7.Face-Sitting For Her
For female on male, this version works even better. The mechanics are pretty simple; the man lying flat on his back, the lady straddles his face with her thighs, lowering her crotch onto his head.
You can also use a pillow to take some of the pressure off your neck. Women love this position, but a lot of guys do too, a) because it’s a pretty comfortable way to eat her out and b) there’s a bit of female dominance to it.
The man also gets the full experience; the taste, the heat, the smell, and the moisture of her vagina are all right in his face.
She can also add a bit more pressure if you want to kick the intensity up a notch — though in that case, you’ll want to work out a signal in case you find yourself struggling to breathe.

8. Against A Wall
This is a staple of movie sex scenes - two characters passionately embrace for the first time and, too lustful to make it to the nearest bed, simply get it on against the nearest wall.
Like its wall-less equivalent, it's taxing on your upper-body strength, but the wall means you're not supporting all of your partner's weight.
It also offers great access to the neck and breasts so you can get in a lot of passionate kissing, and a lot of intimate face-to-face time.

9. The Wheelbarrow
This one is all about the woman’s upper body strength and the man’s back and leg strength. Barring some kind of Olympian training, they both have, this is probably a bit of a transition position rather than anything that’s going to lead to long-lasting sex or orgasm.
The woman goes on all fours, and then the man lifts her pelvis until her vagina is in line with his penis, grasping her around the hips firmly and thrusting into her.
Rather than having the woman to do vertical pushups, or the man pulling her back and forth, both of which are liable to tire the man out, do the work should be done with his hips. The position can be quite interesting for the woman’s clitoris.

10. Scissoring
To be honest, aside from the awesomeness of the name, you might find this one a bit challenging.
Scissoring involves you intertwining your legs together, and placing yourself at something approaching a 90-degree angle to each other.
Insert yourself into your partner, and then move your hips to thrust in and out. You'll need to do this slowly and carefully, as it's pretty easy to slip out while scissoring.
This position is pretty unique because it involves very little eye contact, and places your heads pretty far away from each other, and your body position is such that you can't use your hands to fondle her in any way. Little eye contact, a lot of distance, and difficult thrusting make this one a toughie, but sexually experienced couples should give it a go just for the novelty.

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