Kylie Jenner attacked by fans for trying to look like Beyonce.

- The 21-year-old billionaire had on a blonde, wavy wig, neon dress and makeup that had her looking like popular songstress Beyonce
- Netizens felt like the reality star was trying too hard to look like Beyonce and asked her to stop being an unapologetic copy cat

Reality star Kylie Jenner has been roasted by fans and critics for always trying too hard to look like a black woman.
The cosmetics entrepreneur left her followers furious after posing in a neon green dress that resembled a dress Beyonce wore back in 2013.
What made her fans even angrier was how she had her hair made exactly like that of queen B and her makeup instantly transformed her into a mini Beyonce.
Even the billionaire’s poses mimicked those of the celebrated queen of pop and RnB.

Immediately, her fans started referring to her as Kyonce Knowles while others branded her as Kyra assuming she wanted to also own a black person’s name.
Immediately, her fans started referring to her as kyonce knowles whille others branded her as Kyra assuming she wanted to also own a black persons nameFor the longest time, people have argued that Kylie and the Kardashian brood have secretly gone under the knife time and again to bag themselves “African” features.
The big tush, tiny waist, and round melons are believed to be features possessed by most black women.
Most Americans believe white ladies are leaner and more athletic in build as compared to their black counterparts.
Remember, Kylie once owned up to having her lips enlarged so they could look fuller and that had people guessing she wanted to look like a black woman so bad.

Not too long ago, the tycoon’s elder sister Kim Kardashian stepped out in braids and the internet community went HAM on her for supposedly jacking black culture.

To most netizens, the Kardashians are notorious for appropriating black culture.
The wealthy youngster and her sisters have even been on the receiving end for always falling for chocolate or dark-skinned men.
Her sister Khloe Kardashian has an African American baby daddy and a black ex-husband.

Kim is married to famous rapper Kanye West and Kylie also shares a baby with known rapper Travis Scott.
In another story, Kylie Jenner revealed she wants to be a mother of four. The mother of one made the disclosure in a response to a fan's question. The fan asked the question when Kylie was doing Kim Kardashian's makeup. Kylie posted the video on YouTube.

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