President Donald Trump declares National emergency to fight the Corona Virus and the swine flu.

Barely a month after the President survived   an impeachment attempts and in time when the United states was just about geting  ready to absorb the full impact of a looming reality of a new age related virus the deadly Corona Virus. The land of the free only woke up to a new reality of a swine flu outbreak which has already claimed more life than the dreaded corona virus  itself.

In other to contain these two deadly outbreak, the President of the United States, Donald Trumps after much deliberation declared a state of emergency to effectively see to an end to the looming agony.
Via a press Adress at the white house the President said "To unleash the full power of the federal Government in this effort, today I am officially declaring a National Emergency"

Mixed reactions followed, with many hailing and praising the President for his quick sweep towards handling such a hard time.

While still at the job, the President laments on the Swine flu and Corona Virus via his personal Twitter account stating everyhands are on deck and urged the United states to stay calm while he charged all his governors to wake up and do their best.

What do you think?, is the President doing just about enough?.
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