Italy needs prayers as Corona Virus death toll rises to 867 per day

The current outbreak has taken a heavy blow on different activities including sports , celebrities, world tours , and indeed economics.
   Those can be regained with time, what is more terrible is the life lost and we are talking about a lot of them.

Italy have had it the worst lately with an average of about 15 infected cases per day. The death toll had reason to 867 per day.

Wuhan and indeed the whole of China from whence the Corona Virus emanated from are gradually attaining stability. But the die is cast upon the U.S , Europe and Africa.

With the rumoured believe that the black gene has an immunity against the Corona Virus it only raised hopes to a moody level as Africa has recorded more cases in over 21 countries.


Ronaldo quarantined over corona virus after team mate tests positive.

This is the reason why Chinese scientist believes the african blood genetics resists the corona virus

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