Has Corona Virus now made you Realize that Science is more powerful than your Religion?

Has Corona Virus Now Made You Realize that Science is More Powerful than Your Religion?

Mar 18, 2020 6:44 PM

The recent wide spread of corona virus has

proven to us all, that when the chips are down,

when the cookies crumble, the world, as we

know it, benefits more from science than we

do from religion.

On a normal day, when the world is sane, when

Wars are a million miles away from us, when

we have no virus, natural disaster or epidemic

Looking around, religion is always in our faces.

From churches to mosques, down to the

shrines, religion is forever before us, claiming

Solve the solution to all our problems and

worries. They collects tithe and donations, and

voke our emotions to believe that we are

giving in return for an amazing miracle that is

about to come our way.

Ronaldo quarantined over corona virus after team mate tests positive.

This is the reason why Chinese scientist believes the african blood genetics resists the corona virus
But today, when most parts of the world  on

lock-down, when people can't even shake

hands, when we can't even travel or simply go

out to attend that important business meeting

because of a scary virus, religion has also


on a lock-down. Religion, in all of its

righteousness, clairvoyance and claim of

closeness to the maker of the whole universe,

has proven itself powerless in the face of this

global epidemic.

I've been glued to my TV. I've listened to radio

and browsed through the pages of many

reputable news portals, and I am yet to hear,

see or read about any pastor, imam or native

doctor who has cured a corona virus patient by

praying for them, or doing some kind of

incantation or religious abracadabra.

Why's this? It is because religious leaders; our most-

revered fathers and mothers in the lord have become as 

helpless as we all are. And now they also depend on the 

same science- with which they hitherto had been fighting 

for supremacy- to come up with a solution to this global 


Let me break it down like I always do. Your men of God 

are waiting for scientists to come up with a solution for a 

problem that is killing thousands of people all over the 

world. We are talking of the same scientists who religion 

refer to as carnal men, and unbelievers because they dare 

to question some religious beliefs which do not make 


When this pandemic is over, when researchers finally find 

a cure and vaccine to this corona virus, I hope people all 

over the world, especially in Nigeria and Africa at large, 

will reduce their religious extremism, and open their mind 

to know that religion isn't as powerful as it is touted to be.

I hope people would stop saying stuff like "no, doctor. I 

can't undergo a CS. My pastor said that I will deliver like the 

Hebrew women." I hope people with eye defects would 

stop throwing their eye glasses away simply because one 

pastor at a crusade ground asked them to receive their 

healing by faith. I hope people would stop sowing their life 

savings as seed to receive divine healing.

Above all things, I hope we start to have an open mind, 

and allow secular people to be secular. I hope we all learn 

that this world doesn't revolve around religion. That it 

revolves around science and technology. That is why 

science is forever evolving and creating new inventions 

everyday, whereas religion still depends on ancient books 

written over many thousands of years ago.

This article may not contain any solution to the problem, 

but it is to serve an eye opener to make you realize that 

science is your saving grace, and not religion. It is 

targeted at making you realize that you should appreciate 

doctors more than you do pastors. To make you see that 


doesn't make sense to pack lots of goodies to church to 

do "thanksgiving," after surviving a major surgery, without 

showing any form of appreciation to the doctors who 

saved your life. The aim is to make you realize that religion

 can't really save you when trouble happens. Religion, just 

like an opportunist, is waiting by the corner to take the 

glory when something good happens. But when evil 

happens, when things don't go as planned, the most they 

could do is tell you that it is the will of God.

For now, let's stay safe and hope that science would 

provide a solution to this epidemic very soon, so that 

everyone, including religious leaders, would go back to the

business that pays them.

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