"Cristiano Ronaldo vs Micheal Jackson " an epic battle of fame

After hiting a mind blowing 200million followers on instagram and his latest unbreakable records it is no longer news that Christiano Ronaldo was in an epic race along side The king of pop( Michael Jackson) , the king of rock(Elvis Presley)  and arguably any other king to win the title for the most popular human being of all time.

Owing to the fact that Elvis is by the earliest the comparison is more heated between the five times ballon d or winner and the moon walker himself.

So if you are a fan of both or just one of Them, brace up as you see your idol triumph or you might just be as confused as I was
     But do not be too confused because, you gona be the judge.


Ronaldo quarantined over corona virus after team mate tests positive.
This is the reason why Chinese scientist believes the african blood genetics resists the corona virus

Micheal Jackson:
Was born onto a poor family of nine kids shearing two bedroom alongside this parents and passed through alot to see his dreams come through.
He started singing with the jackson five( a boy band made up of him and his four other brothers) at the age of eight. And little mike went on to become the lead singer the next year.
Little Micheal seen admired by Berry G., Diana rose and Susane D. (The greatest entertainer of their time)

         As early as age 9 little mike was meant to move around with body guides to control or keep the paparazzi away.
Befor Micheal Jackson could turn 13 he alongside his brothers already three back to back chart roping number one hits.

Cristiano Ronaldo:
 Ronaldo like mike started from a poor background sharing a room with his sister.
Ronaldo unlike mike did not gain stardom fast enough as he started playing active football at the age of 16 for sporting cp back in Portugal.
Young cristiano

    So probably no paparazzi no TV no much popularity just an average teen known to work beyond limit.

Cristiano Ronaldo:
Rose to fame after performing so well in a 3-1 match win against Man United an English football club hence prompting the then coach Sir Alex Ferguson to sign him.
Ronaldo ever since has won the best player in the league, highest goal scorer and also the champions league.
      Ronaldo being very adventurous and competitive moved to Madrid a club in Spain where he enganged in an epic battle of supremacy with his greatest rival of his time Lionel Messi.
  Ronaldo went on to set world class records and even winning the champions league back to back to back yes three times in a rowl a fit no player except for his teammates had attained.
      He went on to Juventus where he currently plays in Italy making him just about a hand full of players to have played in top flight league in three diffrent countries namely England, Spain, and Italy wow!.

      His fame keeps growing more and more.
It was at this stage the football Icon hit a 200million  followers on instagram.

Micheal Jackson:
Micheal unlike most child prodigy never slacked a minute, infact while Mike was still with his brothers he was also writing his on songs and making his own albums.
   With the release of off the wall album Micheal was already a house hold name in the US,America and Europe all below the age of 19.

      The big bang though came  when micheal alongside Quincy home produce the thriller album and immediately Michael became a global icon. Yes a GLOBAL ICON  you shall fine why.
      Micheal Jackson thriller was released when Micheal was under 25. Yes just about 24years of age and till today the album is the greatest of all time.
        Micheal was so popular his music was on repeat in Europe, Asia, Africa and indeed all over the world.

    He bagged an all time record of 8 grammy awards in one night. To promote his album he toured all over the world performing in front of millions of fans of all races and tribes.
  Before micheal could turn 25 he never moved about without disguise or heavy security.
  He went on to realest more number albums such as Dangerouse, bad, invincible etc.
   Micheal holds the record for the most awarded recording  artist of all time.

Both MJ and CR7 share something in common when it comes to fashion and maybe the pictured should do the talking.

                     MEDIA BATTLE
While this MIGHT not be a good point however it plays a vital role in how famous or infamous an individual might be.

 Unlike MJ have not really had as many bad time with the press, apart from the task boycott and girlfriend saga.
    The spot light in terms of press has preety been low on him.
Ronaldo was cleared of all wrong doing in an alleged sexual assault 

Micheal Jackson:
  Micheal is by far the second most photographed celebrity after Princess Diana.
    Micheal had  been followed by paparazzi since the age 8 and even at his death bed inside an ambulance in 2009 paparazzi still fight to get a glimpse of the LEGEND weather live or dead.
     Micheal had his image go viral around the world for sleeping In an oxygen chamber.
      He was also rumoured to have attempted to buy the bone of the then elephant man.
     Micheal got so used to depressed they nicknamed him WACKO  JACKO.
 For many years the press sort answers to his inner life on matters as his appearance, cosmetic surgeries, his religious believes, eccentricities etc.
       Micheal had been so heavily discussed that he made a song titled "leave me alone" which was targeted to the press.
MJ was always followed by the press
Micheal giving the middle finger to the  paparazzi while trying to hide his child from the public.
(At this stage he was tired of all the lies the press had told about him)

Ronaldo like MJ is very selfless, Ronaldo gives millions of dollars to charity and even donated his own blood yes you got that.

Micheal clearly wins this as he is one of the most generous show an ever.
  During his life he donated almost 30% of his revenue to foundations.
  He even founded his own HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION giving millions and millions of dollars to sick and needy children all over the continent.
MJ loved charity
And so does Ronaldo today...


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