Bercelona unveils new training kit amid Corona Virus scare

With the deadly Corona virus still around every where and everything possible the football world has taken bold steps to contain the deadly corona virus and at least bring it to a much anticipated hault.

Bercelona football team the home of Legendry Lionel Messi has taken it upon themselves to be innovative in other to guarantee the safety of their own.

 The situation surrounding this decision can be clearly seen as the virus has affected the world of sports so well. Recently DYBALA the Argentine and Juventus forward tested positive to the virus. Thus forcing the club to quarantine Cristiano Ronaldo and the entire Juve first team and staff.

Before this the world of football had been totally perturbed as games where postponed all over Englan, Spain and Italy.  

The red flag was raised when the head coach of Arsenal football club Mikel Arteta tested positive for the virus, and 18 Arsenal players held in quarantine.

So to be on the safer side FCB decided to keep a distance while training in other to stay safe and as well stay fit pending when the postponed games would be rescheduled. Better put when the deadly virus would be finally contained. 

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