Justin Baiber makes shocking revelation about his battle with an Incurable Disease

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Justin Beiber Makes Shocking Revelation, Says He Has Been Battling An Incurable Disease
By Olabimpe O | Jan 9, 2020 | 09:46 - Leave A Comment
Canadian singer, Justin Beier has revealed that he has been battling Lyme disease for some a while now.

The singer shocked the world after he took to his Instagram page to shock the world with his revelation. According to him, many people have trolled him because of his unhealthy appearance but failed to realize that he has been actually sick. Beiber disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and had a serious case of chronic momo which affected his grain skin energy and overall health.
He also stated that he would be giving more information in a docu-series that would be put upon his Youtube page. Bieber hopes that he would get better soon with the right treatment.

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