Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and others observes the October 13th " NO BRA DAY" - Catch a glimpse of the craziest Moments (warning: adult content)

If you are a lady and you still have you bra on?,  You are on a long thing.
Today October the 13th is world no bra  day!!
       Yes just like every dahm thing has a day say world carrot day,  world bushmeat or world punching day or just anything you might think of.  There is also world bra free day.
      This is usually held 13th october  of every year to raise awearness on the ever increasing number of women diagnosed with different form of breast cancer. To raise awearness ladies are meant not to wear any form of bra all through today.
Did I hear a dude scream yeah!!!.

  Well it is required that to support this drive all ladies and teens who mean well for. This course should at least for once in their life or for some the one hundred and thirty seventh times stay a full day without bra.

     This ain't no chance for no dudes, so dudes back up.  Its purely on a real course and for no sexuality..
      But hey trust we humans we can go too far and some ladies actually did.  So as we remember this day here are top 10 iconic no bra day pics taken by those who actually observed it to proof they support the movement.
   Note: 18+

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