THE LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS- Mysterious wonder beneath the waters.

Exposed fossils of the lost city.

Legend has it that millions of years ago when men still lived in caves and trees, there existed a city blessed with natural beauty and unimaginable economic power.

That city was call the ATLANTIS!, believed to be one of the oldest cities and mystries of the world ever known to the human race.
So mysterious was the Atlantis that the only account of it comes directly from the Acient philosopher Plato himself.

A map showing the sacred location of Atlantis

Since ancient times, people have been trying to locate Atlantis, which is believed to have submerged after an earthquake or tsunami.

From Plato's description,  Atlantis as a large island located near the Rock of Gibraltar, home of the most advanced civilization and being of unrivaled refinement with a glorious palace.

The lost city of atlantis was so unique that it was graced with beautiful citizens, a Poseidon temple and concentric walls and canals.

To date, nobody has been able to find the city – underwater or otherwise – though this hasn’t discouraged numerous theories about its possible location.

More mysterious about this city is the fact that an attempt to disclose its secrete leads to more secrete and sometimes even death for Countless historians and explorers have attempted expeditions to find the underwater island, but whether in South America (as recently reported), off the Greek Islands, or near Antarctica, Atlantis has remained elusive and threatening should they persist.
Fossile found around the area matches the description
Legends has it that the Acient occultic symbols, signs and acts all emanated from this mysterious city.
     With legacy and well dated event about the city found in the archives  of the Egyptian culture and worships. FORCES such as the Isis and Osiris (Acient cults) up to the the most recent Masonic symbols.
  As evident from the picture below an Image resembling the baphomet head of they Acient Egyptian worship is seen at the entrance of a submerged temple in the ATLANTIS.
Two Gaudian symbol of the Acient order

How ever from Plato monologues  and clearly stated account of the ATLANTIS various under water fossils matching the description have be discovered in various parts of Antarctica and Greek Ilands. Such as skulls, Temple fossils and human bones dating back to thousands and thousands of  years ago.

It was believed the city befor it was covered had turned from being a peacefully heaven to a seat of evil.
The love once gained was once more lost as brother descended upon sisters and children against mothers. The wealth they became the poison they never wanted.

Greed, fear, attachment, lust and ultimately hate came upon the minds of the ATLANTIS  so bad they killed to keep their own treasure.
Fossil discoveries 

This offcurse has  raised the question weather the ATLANTIS was a mere folklore aimed at guiding the morals of men in the days of Plato?

 Or was it really certain that Plato who claims to posses metaphycal powers somehow relates to it deeper than we can till this day?

What ever the answer might be, a lot is to be learned from every history. In this case I would like to know what light up for you.

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