The 'PAIN' beneath the 'TALENT'-------remembering the king of POP

It's over a decade since the world lost the first (and maybe the one and only) king of pop Micheal Joseph Jackson. 

But even as we remember his legacy, lirycal prowess, enchanting vocals and electric dance moves just few among many could relate with his unavoidable eccentricities.

Because they look at him through a broken glass so when they see the picture its like a beast in a twerking class, so they called him wacko.
This piece however is aimed at exposing the cruel and injustice treat Micheal was exposed to and struggled to deal with all his life befor his tragic death in 2009.

So here are a few correction to the many miss conception people had about the Legend.

1.  Micheal and his entire family were Jehovers witnesses, although the religious organisation disowned  him on the release of his thriller album.

2. Micheal is second to no celebrity when it comes to charity. 

3.  Micheal jackson is the most awarded entertainer ever.

4. Micheal so loved kids because he never had a chance to be one.
Micheal with Emmanuel L.

Unlike many six year old boys Micheal was expected to behave like he was 20 times older than he was. 
     Forced to pose, sing, dance and talk in front of the camera like he was a seasoned performer.
From left to right: Tito (croped), Marlon, Micheal, Jackie and Jarmain Jackson

2. Micheal was made to perform in front of semi nude girls alongside his four brothers. At age 12 he saw middle age ladies taking of their panties and throwing them at admirers 

3. Micheal as many other kids was naturally shy, reserved and extremely  sensitive. And being always in the spot light only worsened the situation. As he stated in an interview with Marthin Barshir, there were sometimes he had wished he would just stop by and play basketball with his pairs but ofcuz a basketball mattered less to his father all he wanted was for his sons to be in show biz and the money too.
Micheal receiving strict instructions before going on stage


Yes think about this, having just one of the above mentioned challanges would mean a great deal, yes but Micheal had them all.

Imag├Čne being abused by your own father for having a big nose.
Micheal occationaly received abuses from his siblings and worst still from his father for having a big nose.
    This made his so sad and uncomfortable 

Micheal during a rehearsal was reported to have missed a step fell to his face and broke his nose. The first surgery to fix it was a failure leading to difficulty  in breathing he went in for another surgery and the rest you know is history.

Micheal scalp severely burnt during a Pepsi commercial 

Micheal during a Pepsi commercial suffered a 3rd degree burn to his scalp. Making him bald for life. To cover this bald spot he often wore long hairs and sometimes wigs. The pain from the  burn made him addicted to pain killers (which would ultimately cause his DEATH in 2009).

Pronounced VITILIGO on micheal, notice the pale chest

Even as a black boy the sign of VITILIGO was all over his fingers, wrist and neck 

VITILIGO is a rare kind of skin disease  that causes dipigmentation of the skin. The result is a pale white or pink patches on the skin of the infected. Seeing an ordinary person suffer this was quite easy to deal with, but Micheal was no ordinary person , he slept in the spot light and still somehow found a way to deal with this.

Many believed micheal bleached his skin but this was not the truth. Instead he had to wear heavy make up to blend the dark spot  and the pale skin. This is usualy the case, and were unavoidable medical practioners would advice the individual so affected to rather eliminate the dark spot to even it up with the pale surface. Which I believe he did under medical advice and not for the hate of black colour as the press would claim.

Micheal sleeping on a trip to a show, he rarely had time to rest

Micheal suffered from lack of sleep for a great deal of his life. Micheal like every other show biz artist was expected by the record company to tour around the world and continent doing 25 to 30 shows in different cities.
     Even when in a hotel room his fans would keep vigil outside his hotel room and scream and shout his name untill his out the door or window.
     Reversals  lasted till perfection so the man never had the proper rest, sometimes people forgot his human too. They needed to see him perform perform and perform untill he drops.
      Micheal had very little time to rest that he often slept off in his car or plane. 

So there you go to judge a man we should try to first know him or love him. And when we know him? Then we should lern from his positive aspect and never dwell on their flaws. 

For no man  born of a woman is perfect.
Ten years after you are gone your legacy still survives. 

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