Reason Behind the barbaric Xenophobic attack in South africa

While no reason at this point can ever justify the spilling of blood or burning of humans  alive which is the case in South africa as you read this, there had been side talks on what might as Well been the genesis of all these hate, killings and tears.

South Africa (SA), has in the past suffered severe and cruel apartheid  kind of dealership in the hands of the whites in their own soil. But even worse is seeing our blacks killing fellow blacks.

The reason as rumoured  was or is that after such prolonged suffering and killing and sacrifice  to regain their land, nobody has  the right to enjoy the upper hand except S.A. citizens  alone.

This implies if you are not a South African and you are working and doing well and owning lots of business and successful ventures in S.A. soil? Then you are a threat and as such should be eliminated.

This is bad indeed.

Nigeria been the most populated African country and having its people hustling all around africa, are the most vulnerable  victims with more than 100 deaths reported since 2014.

This time tho they stepped on the wrong toe and below are some pictures and videos to prove it.

Let's pray it does not escalate  to something worse.

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