Bob risky relates to 2baba 'Friends & Enemies' aka 'Frienemies'

Popular  Nigerian cross dresser and social media influencer Bob Risky has in a new video called out to all those pretending to be his friends to watch their actions.

Claiming he is aware they do not like him, and adding they have no where to hide. This video is not strange tho as Bob Risky is known for such controversial  videos and outburst especialy when replying a fans tongue lashing.

Watch video:

This time tho the reason or individual for whom this warnings are meant is still unknown. But we do not have to wait for  too long I suppose he likes naming names!.

Just hoping its not about the new 2face singles FRIENDNEMIES I.e enemies claiming to be friends because Bob Risky has got so many.
Or maybe he is just standing on the same ground as the music legend. 2Baba had earlier released a single titled 'Freinemies' which took jabs at those enemies claiming to be friends. 
If that the case Well, fine! .

Or maybe he is trying to get at 2face?, - we want  no more baby mama please!, Oh baby daddy I  should say. 

Let's hope this doesn't get out of hand.
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