10 hidden massages ladies send via their appearance.

     All my life I have come to realize that first and instantaneous  impression matters so much to people we come in contact with everyday, anywhere and in anyway. And the effect is greatly felt if these people know very little  or nothing about us that is, if they are strangers!

Impressions and Ideas on what an individual stands for or what they represent can easily be conveyed  via their spoken words, reaction, interactions and more pronounced is their dressings because it screams loud when the individual is quite and can be everywhere when the individual is no where.

The way you are dressed they say determines the way you will be addressed.

Or better rephrase that:

"Dress the way you want people to address you"

This article takes special interest on ladies , young girls or teenage girls and the massage (sometimes unknown) they send to people every time they slay in that preferred  outfit.

Most time they send all the wrong massages, attract all the wrong impressions and emotions and at the end the result is all the wrong REACTIONS ( and vice versa )


This is most common in Africa and of course in different parts of the world.

A woman still married to her husband is expected to take it easy on some fashion trends and all that flies out of the waldrob 

The most priceless thing is her body and she keeps it in place for her man, neccessary exposure is avoided.

She is trying to attract no other man and it shows up in the cloths she wears. First the rings implies back off.

   Especially in Africa the overwhelming outfit overlapping to cover every penetratable  cleavage  is ensured.

    Such dress would take a while to put on and as Well take off, for they really tire a lot of things around a lot of things.


Most times ladies go on certain dresses to send certain massages to certain individual or group of persons. Most often these massages are sexually oriented.

A lady trying to show off her sexual capacity in other to catch a male friend would go out of her way in making sure she wears dresses that would expose her body contour such as the hips, nice legs, smooth necks or how big her 'upper Volta' is.


Some wear certain dresses to simply show their female friends how better their curves and looks are. And how they stand no chance in taking their man away from them .

What they fail to realize is, like a bath they are in a real sense attracting every body including Jack the reaper. Thomas the rape star, Cynthia the harlot, and Johny the zealous.


Your dress pattern somehow tries to expose the sexual fantacy and attraction. Being  a tomboy would be visible if a girl always goes on male clothing.


 Doctors are meant to wear white robes of suit, lawyers  are meant to wear black loosed gowns and the cap, engineers are known for jeans, boots and helmets.

    The question is what do prostitutes wear?

Maybe high waist skirts and very low chest belts.

      Most cases these sets of dresses are designed for easy and quick removal, you know? Time is money and they need to make every penny.

    This implies wearing a 'quicky' enabled dress the password is "free"


Yes not too many a woman would admit this especialy not to the man they are dating or want to get married to. But not to worry guys their outfit can tell you that.

Research  shows that 70% of women who always fix extra ordinary long nails and and long ear rings and heavy long hairs do so because they are realy not expecting to do certain things with their hands. Like cooking, washing..I guess  bathing too!

Guys You do not expect slay queens with very long fingers to wash your cloths properly, do you?  Also avoid eating meals prepared by a lady obsessed by Brazilian hair and 6.5 inch of eye lashes else you might end up eating hair soup one day.


The self worth and interest of a woman and her personality is visible in what they wear only if they can recognize it.

Would a nun go on body tight trousers and heavy boots?- maybe a pole dancer would.

Will a nursing mother go on all ten finger rings so she hurts her baby each time she carries him or her.?- maybe a rock and role band leader would.

         Who would most likely go half naked on a short gean.....A stripper I guess

Statistics show that we are seriously compelled to wear outfits relating to our interest. Be it books we read, songs we listen to or even movies we watch.


As wild as it appears some ladies wear loosed cloths not for fashion sake but to conceal certain secrete beneath the cloths and a perfect example is being pregnant.

Yes not every woman at some point bacame pregnant when they expected to so? They literally are not happy to show them out to friends So? They hide it with loosed cloths  or sometimes even belly bands

So when next you notice a lady with loosed outfit for a long period of time especially nine months just know she is pregnant.......just suggesting!


This might offend many but its the truth, the self confidence and contentment of a lady is often spelt out in the things she wears.

It is in the nature of ladies or women to look attractive no doubt, but what happens when they totally recreate a new look just to impress.

     A contented  woman is that one that realises  that not her hieght, nor hips, nor boobs can make her a real woman but by her contribution to life in general and her family in particular. So they worry less about how they look or how people view them they become detached  and focus on geting things done.

 On the flip side you meet a lady for the first time and she's half a meter taller than she should thanks to her sky scraper  shoes.

She is unrecognizably ugly thanx to her heavy make ups and long eye lashes.

Her nails and lips are like that of a vampire thanks to her lipsticks..

Her butts and boobs are 3x bigger well thanks to those paddings. They simply can't be real vanity is their watch world, that which can fade at any time.


This is saddening and somehow needs to STOP!.

A lot of ladies suffer DOMESTIC violence of some degree and in most cases being very vulnerable suffers a great deal after each abuse.

     Most times these abuses are so bad it leads to physical confrontation which leaves the woman in scars and wounds. To cover all the shame and talks from outsiders she result to covering the injured area say head, face, or even body.

    Wearing loosed cloths over their head for instance could hide dropping tears or badly bruised face.

In all the above mentioned do you support or disagree with any one?

  Let us know and also state your reason(s).


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