THE TRUTH BE TOLD, the story behind the portrait.

POTRAIT BY : Boma Joel  ( Ebelogu B.C )
A happy home it was, once upon a time. How hard it is to believe now that this is us…oh! How had thy gift turned curse?

The pleasant farms in the North,
The priceless seas in the South,
The cutest crafts in the West,
The abundant coal in the East, we all neglect.
But please keep an eye on the match stick beside the OIL, else in no time we shall all regret.
The ill presented politics, the one sided policies, somehow finds its way into the church ruling both the good and the Pharisees.
Why silent you men of God? you have no voice at all- for above the church and mosque, the umbrella and broom stands very strong and tall.

Set my people free! I hear a raging voice from the East decree.
Its flag you’ve broken, but be thou well awake for its route you’ve awoken.

Insanity! pure Insanity! I say.
In a land where karma will show no mercy, for the souls of men seem just good for nothing.
Skulls of innocent men and women, children and real men, all littered in the fields and nobody is saying something.
Love, peace and unity they vow, how then are the heads of my people less valued than that of a cow?
Tears role down my chick when I behold the dangling body of the falsely convicted, because they no nobody their freedom restricted and treasures confiscated.
The reasons usually make no sense, but look upon the stake you master of war and behold your world dangling alongside their innocence.
For I saw diamonds in the closet of the forgotten, and you are such a FOOL if you think they are good for nothing.

 How best can I put it? religion eclipse our rational judgment,
Like the tune dictates the piper…
Like the scripts dictates the writer…
Like the sword controls the fighter…
Look NORTH, else you find a preacher holding up a sharp sword, and you will be hacked down unless you hear his word.

Money on our lips, money when we pray, even when we sleep?  money all the way.
Money in excess got some people losing sleep, the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, situation getting tougher, some live on half a dollar.

When shall we come to realize that the evil we cast? we make come alive.
And the good we invoke? we actually revoke.

Mother nature calls, she is trying to hide her tears…
Try to make a way, or you better run away…

For I saw real money in the hands of big men, and real big guns in the hands of real men.
I see the mighty laughing because they are winning, and casting all their die while the wheel is still in spinning.
I see some laughing at this, I see some begging please, but do not be scared my friend the story is just beginning.

Composition by: BOMA JOEL

NAME:        Mama Africa
SIZE:           26cm x 29cm
TEXTURE:  Blue Ink on Cardboard
STATUS:     Up for Sale
PRICE:        $45 

Indeed the story is just beginning, what is your take, suggestion and advice. How can we make it work, your advice is priceless and welcomed.

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