It’s been approximately 3 years since the world lost the greatest boxer of all time MUHAMMAD ALI, yet his legacy can never be forgotten most especially the priceless confession he left behind.
Muhammad Ali in 1967
Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on January 17, 1942 was before his translation in June 3, 2016 one of the greatest boxers to have ever graced the sport of boxing.
Muhammad Ali at the age of 18 won a gold medal in the 1960 summer Olympics and not too long afterwards he turned a professional that same year.

Ali in 1974 and 1975 won the heavily publicized fights’ The Rumble in the Jungle’ and ’Thrilla in a Manila’ against George Foreman and Joe Frazier respectively and his fame grew even bigger and bigger.

At this level in his career Muhammad Ali clearly was on top of the world and he was very loud about it. Before and after training, in front of cameras and press men, in interviews and after a match Ali would publicly making fun of his opponents like calling Frazier ‘Uncle Tom. Most notably was him screaming at the top of his voice saying ‘I am the greatest of time’, ‘I told you never again will I be defeated’. And indeed he was, in fact for many fights to come he kept on flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.
Ali after a victory 
On December 11, 1981 Ali suffered his fifth and last defeat that would see him stop boxing for life. It was obvious that the mighty was crumbling, however the last two defeat was well expected as Muhammad Ali was coming of age. So Ali, the press and the boxing world had little to say.

But what had a lot to talk about was the final days of the self-acclaimed greatest of all time. Muhammad Ali was struck with Parkinson’s disease a nervous system disorder which caused his fast and ferocious fist and indeed his whole body to shake violently like he had seen a ghost. Seeing Ali in his later years sent tears down the chick of those who knew his dreaded days in the boxing ring. At some point Ali relied on people to help him move about while those he once beat up were as strong as their age required and if  need be, they had required very little effort to knock off Ali may be just a pat on the back and his down.

The cause of the disease as some would later claim had to do with the many head punches Ali sustained during his active days. But literally Muhammad Ali had given some of his opponents more head punches in a fight than he had ever received in his whole career (yes you can take that to the bank Ali was brilliant, and had killer reflexes).
ALI battling with ill health
After years of battle with Parkinson’s and ill health the G.O.A.T lost it and translated on the 3rd of June 2016. Before he passed on, sources very close to him recalled that on his death bed the LEGEND had told everyone present that ‘GOD, NOT I , IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME’.
He was indeed a LEGEND and will forever be remembered.
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