BURNA BOY aka African Giant

The self acclaimed "African Giant" born  Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy is now making a lot of wave in the music industry in and across africa and indeed the world at large.

While this MIGHT seem as an easy task, a lot of people who enjoy his melodious  tune and lirycal  prowess  have no, or very little idea of what The Giant had to go through to be famous.

His early struggle, troubles, hustles, sacrifices, agony, rejection  abuse and shame all on the journey to Success, this you shall find out.

Before then, a brief run down on some of his key profile.

1. 1st ever stage gig: Calabar Carnival December 2010

2.Favourite  colour: Black

3. Role model: Fela Anikulapo Kuti and 2Baba Idibia

4.Height: 6"1

5. Date of birth: 2nd July 1991

6. Number of body tatoo: 25+

7.First ever tatoo: At age 15

8.Hubby: Like cartoon and comics, "he smokes more weed than a chimney "

9.Brand Ambassador: Head Honchos  clothing line , South Africa.

10. Album sales: His L.I.F.E album sold more than a 100,000 copies.
BURNA BOY has more than 25 tattoos on his body including that of his icon Fela

Now, Now the secret,


befor each performance  on stage sources close to the singer claims that he perfomes some brief but powerful RITUAL (of course this is expected as his role model Fela often does the same befor performing in his shrine...he would call on Ogun, Osun and oduduwa to take charge).

But unlike his role model Burna Boys RITUAL is based on complete meditation after a brief "weeding" he would seat quietly  and picture his perfomance clearly in his head before he goes on stage. This he says does the magic. No wonder he is so creative in his music the power of imagination via meditation.


Burna Boy like amy other artist had in the past seen a lot of ups and down and even worst moment. From rejections to doubts and mockery  from those who believed he would never make it. He never gave up. 

On December 2012 during a headies award perfomance the singer missed a step and fell off the stage. Many including the press made jokes of him, but Burna decided that that would not be his last perfomance but his last ever fall, meaning he shall rise even higher. He was full of motivation.


The AFRICAN GIANT puffs more smoke than a red hot firewood in contact with water. He follows the old culture of the RASTAFARIANS where inspiration is often via weed meditation which enable them rise above their suppression and limitations.

After taking puffs and puffs he jumps into a beat and song like only Bob Marley, Fela, and Majek Fashek would. No wonder his a living legend.
The Giant smiling and having fun befor a show


Befor Burna Boy made it to the stars, befor he ever began to receive pay checks. Before you started seeing him on TV he had always used a unique low octave voice people laughed at his voice and felt his singing pattern  was out dated but he persisted and today after Fela you might be calling his name.


This would surprise Many, but its the most interesting  and the most powerful. Burna unlike many artist like Davido, Wizkid, etc. Never grew up in wealth neither did he  even start his career in Lagos.

Burna started from a very humble beginning in Port Harcourt and hustled through the dreaded neighbourhood  of Diobu. In all remaining loyal to every one he ever met. Sources close to the singer recall Burna taking some terrible abuse and insult from a stranger all in the name of protecting a friend.

He was that loyal and finally the humility payed of on getting to Lagos.  And even as a famous person he still remains extremely  loyal to his inner circles and indeed every one who so deserves his maximum.
On his right arm is the Nigerian coat of arm. 

The Giant is awoken on stage.

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Long live the African Giant!.

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