Africa as history might have  is arguably one of the starting point of ancient civilization, with fossils discovered in such places as Ethiopia, ancient Benin-Nigeria, and Egypt dating as far back as 3500 BC.

In a time when sky scrapers were trees, Gucci and Fendi were either leaves or animal skin away from the money making gadgets it would come as no surprise if wild practices were common.  But more shocking is the knowingness that some mind blowing practices I would refer to as super human, yes because you really need more than guts to do them.
Brace yourself as I take you through the worlds you never thought existed at your backyard.

1. The MAASAI Levitation ritual.
      The practices of the Maasai tribe located in both Kenya and Tanzania is one that has wowed many over the years.
  Ranging from female circumcision, and mystical dance that depicts levitation this tribes are also known for hospitality but not one you might like to know. But hey will let you know anyway.
     The Maasai tradition has it as a popular practice for a man to give his wife to a male visitor for sexual intercourse all through the night.
   Shocked?, this practice is totaly ok by them. Infact the woman  takes this as a chance to show that she is really a woman..(Click here to read in full)
A Mursi woman with lip disc on
2. The Women of Mursi, Ethiopia and strange body scarification

This group of people reside in Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and peoples region close to South Sudan border, Ethiopia. Known to practice Animism ( a believe that there exist a force up in the sky much greater than themselves in the form of rainbow and manifest itself as the birds of the sky). Some of their men and women also practice scarification involving deep metal cuts 

Their women are popularly known for wearing large rubber or metal disc on their lips. Some disc worn over their lips are so wide and big that it defies common logic, maybe super human logic it is.

3  .Cain Lashing(Sharo) Mmage tribe,Fulani- Nigeria
Or The Naked flogging of the Donga tribe

Marriage they say is sweet but not when selecting a bride involves some serious flogging. This is exactly the case with the Sharo tribe.To convince the  bride that a man is strong, capable and man enough to take care of  her they have to endure countless lashes with a well seasoned whip designed to produce the sweetest pain. Even worse is the Donga tribe naked flog to death ritual where completly naked men engage in a flog fight to win a woman

While the flogging is in progress the suitor is not expected to move, cry or complain else he loses the bride for ever . At the end of the event only one groom goes home  with the bride, the one who showed no sign of pain, agony, nor did he run away -that one who would make a good cast in the next Marvel super hero series. 

A Sharo suitor recieving some good lashes

4. Dancing with the dead -Madagascar                                                          
While the common mention of the phrase 'the dead' would send some shiver down the spine of some people, in Madagascar the reverse is the case, why?, they instead dance with the dead.

Its in their tradition ( famadihana or in english 'body turning' ) that when a loved one dies and is  buried their corps is been exhumed, wrapped in a thick cloth or mat and is paraded around the village with dancing and ritual chants.

This they claim means last respect for their lost relative, and as well a means of reuniting the living and the dead.
Relatives dancing with the exhumed corps of their loved one

5.  Festiva of the dead- Bantu tribe, Malawi
Chiwa community is the home of  the Bantu tribe known for its underground practices called Nyau.
Nyau is a burial rite ceremony of a fellow tribe member meant to purify the body before they are laid to rest.

      This goes beyond Africa and word, just take a look 

In the cleansing process the corps is washed and the throat is cut open for the purpose of pouring water into the head via the opening. The water so poured in is squeezed out and the same process is carried out until a clean water emanates from the body signifying a complete cleansing.

After the whole process is done, the water used for the cleansing is then used to prepare a meal for the whole community. 

7.  The Massai Tribe- Kenya and Tanzania
 Tanzania and Kenya are both home to the Massai tribeknown for quite a couple of traits such as;
spiting on newborn babies and cursing them instead of blessing them. The curse they believe protects the baby against evil.

Thinking of visiting there?, be informed the Massai people spit randomly at the sight of a stranger. Not for evil tho but as a way of saying  hello.

They as swell wet their hand with spittle before reaching out for a hand shake.

You might need a face mask and a pair of gloves should you visit there.

Finally the Massai people are good farmers with lots of cows and lots of milks, but they do not take milk rather they prefer drinking the fresh blood of their livestock such as goats, cows etc.
Super hero indeed.

What do you think?, is there any strange practices in your area or country you would love the world to know about?, feel free to comment and share. 

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